WHAT: LeadWay is a bible study and ministry planning app for bible study leaders. It takes all of the steps apects of leading a ministry and puts it in one accessible app.

BENEFIT: LeadWay allows leaders to plan their bible study step by step with the perfect amount of resources, methods, personalization options, keeping track of those that attend, a planning calendar and collaborating with co-leaders.

WHAT'S NEXT: Users of Leadway will efficiently plan out bible studies and ministry in a way successfully teaches others the main points of bible passages, so they have a better understanding of the bible as a whole. This will then push those that learn to continue on and lead others themselves.



After brainstorming and researching ideas for an app, I first came up with a few ideas to choose from:

1. Graphic Design feedback website— social media type forum
2. Track your past missions trips, plan next ones based on the need worldwide
3. Bible study and ministry planner app
4. Realistic college budget app
5. Hidden gem art and antique store finder

Once we picked the idea of the Bible study and ministry planning app, I brainstormed app names:

Living Water, Get to the Point, Capture, Decoded Word, WordWay/ WayWord, Word Point, Discipleguide, KnownWord, Ministry Manage, Word to Heart, Word Well, TrueVerse, TeachTruth, Train in Truth, WisdomWay, WiseWay, Know&Go, GodGo, GOspel, Get Truth, Shed Light, Ministry Master, MakeMinistry, BibleBlueprint, Lead the Way

A competitive analysis was done with other apps containing similar features as my app. I critiqued what could be better and made note of what was strong about each app. Lastly, we discussed in class with groups what our app was and the details that would go into it.




To set up the information architecture, I planned the content with a full user journey and personas. I presented this work to the class for feedback, and went further with my preparation with user stories and process flows. Having these helps the next step of wireframing go much faster and is more clear and direct.



User Stories | Process Flows

As a user, I want to have access to study resources simultaneously as I read so I can have a better understanding of the text.

As an account user, I want to be able to take notes and highlight as a I read so I can save, view and remember what I learned later.

As an account user, I want to create a printable lesson plan for my bible study so I can have an organized understanding of what I am teaching.

As an account user, I want to keep a calendar of all of my ministries so I can view it all in one spot to remember better.

As an account user, I want to create and use a contact list for the people in my ministry so I can keep information, prayer requests and remember to follow up with those in my study that stop attending.

As an account user, I want to have access to all of my past studies so I can reference them in the future if I ever lead another study or need the information from specific studies.

As an account user, I want to be able to link my LeadWay account to other apps/programs such as Facebook, my phone contacts and messaging system, and google calendars, so I can have access to maximum features and information on multiple devices.

As a user, I want to search a specific topic so I can have scripture to make a bible study on that topic. As an account user, I want to send texts through LeadWay to my bible study group to remind them of when bible study is or events coming up.



Wireframes are thought-out plans, or essentially "sketches" of the site structure and navigation.

I created three different versions of wire frames for two different user stories. I went forward with creating a bible study, and texting someone from the contact list. Here you'll only see the revised versions of the wireframes.


Revised Wireframe for Story

Revised Wireframe for Story



Based on the wireframes, prototypes were created in the Invision App. These were tested before final branding was put in.

Wireframe Testing

Documentation of Testing



Last, but not least, the completed prototypes for LeadWay Bible Study and Ministry App! I have learned so much about where buttons should be placed, the importance of clarity in copy, navigation, and just scratching the surface of all you can do with mobile developing!